June 9th 2022

June 9th, 3:33am London, United Kingdom - Thoughts?



How's your 2022 going so far? Isn't it strange we are in June already, it feels like it should be March? Quick update, I finally finished the Revenge Tour, I really only did it for my fans because they deserve the best of me. The tour originally was organised by my Ex management whom I am still in a legal battle against. 

2022 - I am going to make my first debut appearance on an Amazon Series called 'Jungle' premiering so so soon I am gassed for this. 

Brasil eu espero que estao a ler, ja confirmei as datas para os Shows este ano! Estou a vindo 2022, vou lancar as datas brevemente!

Festival season coming up I have a few shows per month, so check my IG and come and say hello where you can? Have you brought a piece of merch or am I gonna have to keep throwing them at you at the shows? Either way works for me. 

Comment below how my music has helped you in life and be honest. Sometimes as Artists, we need reminders of how our frequency makes YOU feel. I hope my music always uplifts your vibe, makes you float or makes you feel something REAL.

What is your favourite IAMDDB song of all time?

Sending Love + Righteous Rage,

iAMddb. xxx


artwork by @h0vado


  • Natasha

    This blog is such a nice idea I love it. Nice to see you have a real connection with your fans, and that we’re not just numbers to you. Like it feels for most artists nowadays.
    I’ve been following and listening to you since day 1 with Leaned out still being one of my favourite songs ever. You manage to bring out the bad bitch energy and give that mad confidence boost with your attitude and lyrics. So thank you for that

  • Lucas

    hi ddb, how are u? i’m so proud of you of what you’ve achieved. Estou esperando você no Brasil and i’m SO excited for your new music!!!! i love u so much. u are a such inspiration for me to make music, thank u.
    (btw drop too much lean, mirror, that song “my money on you, my eyes on you babeee”)
    TE AMO DIANA 🥹 always keep it g!!!!!

  • ana

    Hi DDB,
    I just wanna say thank you first and foremost for continuing to do the revenge tour despite everything that you’ve been going through. Going to your concert was such a liberating experience and I am forever grateful!!

    Your music like nothing I’ve ever heard before- it gives me the confidence to believe in my sauce and stay true to myself <3. My all time fave has got to be Childsplay.

    Love Ana, your fellow Mancunian Angolan babe💞

  • r3drach


    it’s been so many years watching you grow as an artist 2016 till now so it’s mad crazy trying to pick a favourite song.. I love the fact you touch on such a vast variety of styles.. there is a song for every moment/ every mood. You can create like a Yin an Yang effect with your frequencies.. . that’s how your music has effected my life.. Just never stop being yourself….. it’s very inspiring.
    I hope the rest is of the year is just as exiting, I was at the Birmingham show and that was a crazy experience shout out to the DJ as well.. the rage energy was on 1 milly lol, hope to see ya again real reallly soon…

    Have a blessed summer tho xx

    Love Raych

  • Jeffrey

    Your music is so pure i have never felt a deeper connection to another artist. It makes me feel so calm and at peace with the world. Seeing you in Amsterdam in 2019 was one of the best nights i ever had. I missed out last year, next time i will be there again for sure. You put a smile on my face and your music warms my heart <3

    Hard to choose a favorite song, but i would say the Live version of childsplay you did at Loudhouse.
    The list of honorable mentions would be endless, but: falling far, moonlight, more, trophy & dripcity would be high on that list.

    Never stop to keep it G, i thrive on your vibe.

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