June 9th 2022

June 9th, 3:33am London, United Kingdom - Thoughts?



How's your 2022 going so far? Isn't it strange we are in June already, it feels like it should be March? Quick update, I finally finished the Revenge Tour, I really only did it for my fans because they deserve the best of me. The tour originally was organised by my Ex management whom I am still in a legal battle against. 

2022 - I am going to make my first debut appearance on an Amazon Series called 'Jungle' premiering so so soon I am gassed for this. 

Brasil eu espero que estao a ler, ja confirmei as datas para os Shows este ano! Estou a vindo 2022, vou lancar as datas brevemente!

Festival season coming up I have a few shows per month, so check my IG and come and say hello where you can? Have you brought a piece of merch or am I gonna have to keep throwing them at you at the shows? Either way works for me. 

Comment below how my music has helped you in life and be honest. Sometimes as Artists, we need reminders of how our frequency makes YOU feel. I hope my music always uplifts your vibe, makes you float or makes you feel something REAL.

What is your favourite IAMDDB song of all time?

Sending Love + Righteous Rage,

iAMddb. xxx


artwork by @h0vado


  • Bonolo

    I feel so feminine and free when listening to your tracks. I love your realness so much. I acknowledge you’re a queen and your out here inspiring black female queens. Just good f* vibes and OG

  • Inês

    Oi gata,
    Vi o teu show em Lisboa (este ano ou no ano passado, já não me lembro). Amei as músicas novas, até hoje não consigo tirar da cabeça aquela do “these b****es talking s**t…”! Não consigo esperar até lançares mais música. Oiço a tua música há anoooos, acho que te descobri com os Mouse Outfit (todos esses sons são CLÁSSICOS). De resto, tenho adorado ver a tua evolução enquanto artista, estou obcecada com o WAH’UM e o JGL.
    Continua a arrasar e um beijinho enooorme de Portugal.


  • Bree Tree

    I don’t have a lot to say except for thank you for keeping me going. On my worst days I put on the iamddb experience, and your words fill me with strength and positivity as a woman in this world. You remind me of all I can accomplish and that I will get there if I keep it G, of course. Can’t wait to grow with you! Sending so much love and we’ll wishes to you and your team. ❤

  • Anne

    Hi iamddb and thank you at first that you are so close to your fans.
    The moment at ig when we had the chance to be with you when you do a new song was awesome!

    Music is so importend for me. The best way bring my feelings out. And especially in this hard Corona times!

    I love all of your songs and it is hart to choose one of them and say this is the one I love the most, it is impossible.
    But I tryed… So “leand out” ist the first song I heard from you and I think the song I heard the most, “pause” and “more”. “urban jazz” and “azul”…. You see I can’t deside.

    Your feeling for music is great, your flow, your vibe. I can’t wait to see you live again, because your show is the best show I ever have experienced.

    Thank you for being you and thank you for your music, and sorry for my fucking bad English 😅

    Love, Anne from Dresden

  • Camila Perez

    Hi IamDDB! I am so happy to read this blog post/update in your life! I came across the video “Leaned Out” years ago on YouTube & watching you grow ever since has been admirable. My favorite song by you is “Pause”. The whole Vol. 2 is a vibe for me (even though unfortunately Apple Music doesn’t have it anymore & I can’t play it). It’s my dream to meet you one day! Your energy is amazing & I can’t wait to see everything you will continue to accomplish. Much love from Florida, I hope to see you here one day! :)

    Camila aka the hippie bahddie

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