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June 9th, 3:33am London, United Kingdom - Thoughts?



How's your 2022 going so far? Isn't it strange we are in June already, it feels like it should be March? Quick update, I finally finished the Revenge Tour, I really only did it for my fans because they deserve the best of me. The tour originally was organised by my Ex management whom I am still in a legal battle against. 

2022 - I am going to make my first debut appearance on an Amazon Series called 'Jungle' premiering so so soon I am gassed for this. 

Brasil eu espero que estao a ler, ja confirmei as datas para os Shows este ano! Estou a vindo 2022, vou lancar as datas brevemente!

Festival season coming up I have a few shows per month, so check my IG and come and say hello where you can? Have you brought a piece of merch or am I gonna have to keep throwing them at you at the shows? Either way works for me. 

Comment below how my music has helped you in life and be honest. Sometimes as Artists, we need reminders of how our frequency makes YOU feel. I hope my music always uplifts your vibe, makes you float or makes you feel something REAL.

What is your favourite IAMDDB song of all time?

Sending Love + Righteous Rage,

iAMddb. xxx


artwork by @h0vado


Rafaela Prado
Jan 03, 2023

Hey, so when i listened tô your songs It was 2018 Ang my nan had Just passed away… It really helped me to keep my mind on the right place and got me through the first months, so thank you :)) i really like your songs and i’ve listened to them ever since

Leonardo Facio Sierra
Dec 20, 2022

I love your music and more when I’m high hahahaha I hope one day you come to Mexico ❤️

Gonçalo Mendes
Dec 20, 2022

Diana, how to start! Since 2016/17 I’ve been following your work as an artist and since then you’re my favorite artist! your work is a reflection of your heart and pure soul! it is a pride and a pleasure to see your evolution as an artist and person! All your songs are dope but my favorite will always be BACK AGAIN! nothing takes away the feeling I have for that song, the lyrics 🥺! And don’t forget that the best moment of 2021 was dancing with you on stage, the words we exchanged and the hug full of love ❤️ (Amsterdam-Melkweg) ! you are the true meaning of FEMALE POWER 🔥❤️
És amor ❤️
Mal posso esperar pelo Vol 6 e essa tour europeia ❤️‍🔥
Com amor Gonçalo ❤️‍🔥

Dec 20, 2022

I always loved your art and after watching your show in Floripa Brazil I started to love you as a person. You gave me one of the best shows of my life so far, everyone who was there was on the same vibe and I’m sure the way you are influences that! You were incredible in every way, especially in the way you treated those who were there to see you and that’s what touched me the most! I felt extremely comfortable and grateful for the moment, now when I listen to your songs again I always feel warm in my heart! You are very special! Thanks for sharing some of that with us 💖

Jul 15, 2022

Hey DDB,
how are you?
Your music is such a blessing. I’ve cried & journaled to child’splay, felt free & sexy to drippy, moshed to shade and have traveled so far in my mind to your other music. Since 2017 I’ve watched you evolve and as a woman and an artist myself I’ve felt we’ve had parallel journey’s into womanhood and unlocking our magic. Universe knew what is was doing when it put me on to your music. Your music is a safe place where I’ve been able to bring pain to the surface and confront it. Heal. Feel. Thank you for that transmutation. You are truly a healer and keep doing what you do best. I love the Mcking sisters also and it’s lovely to see all you stars together shining bright ✨❤️ The world needs you all .
With love,

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